The 2011 Report on Illinois Poverty Is Now Interactive

The Social IMPACT Research Center has launched a new interactive poverty data portal to complement the recently released 2011 Report on Illinois Poverty.
PR11_State Poverty Map
This interactive website allows you to more easily access county-level data related to poverty, employment, education, and assets. We hope that the site will empower advocates, impacted community members, and our decision makers to see the true impact of poverty on different populations and areas of the state.

IMPACT has developed a comprehensive picture of poverty in our state. They provide data across 35 indicators related to poverty, including income, employment, housing, heath & nutrition, and total assets.

Asset Poverty in Illinois

According to the 2011 Report on Illinois Poverty found that:

  • 51.9% of Illinois Seniors do not have any retirement income aside from Social Security
  • The rate of Illinois consumers with credit scores below 620 has increased 22.4% since 2007. Low credit scores limit prime borrowing opportunities for items including car loans, credit cards, and home loans.
  • Since 2003, Illinoisan’s average debt has increased by 37%

Assets are essential for helping families weather crises and invest in future opportunities that will provide a pathway to financial stability. The data provided in the Illinois Poverty Report, illustrates the need for more comprehensive asset building opportunities that address continued erosion of wealth from our communities. For instance, expanded retirement savings opportunities through Auto IRAs should be an option for Illinois workers and will address the growing dependence on Social Security.

As we work to address asset poverty in Illinois, provides the tools and information needed to better inform advocates and decision makers about the depth and scope of hardship across the state. Check out the site and take advantage of the fact sheets, spreadsheets customized to geography and selected, indicators, and share the information with others.

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